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How allocations are determined

The United Way of Nelson County recently came under scrutiny from a disgruntled agency that was denied funds from our organization.  Our decision to allocate funds is based on several factors,  The first is need, if they have access to other funding sources such as Federal and State government, we feel they are not as much in need as others that may be struggling.  Our second factor is how they follow our rules and guidelines on fiscally conserving the money we allocate to them, whether they raise funds during our blackout period from September 1 each year through November 30 and finally it is subejct to review each year from our all volunteer allocation committee comprised of people from the businesses and factories from which we solicit funding each year.  Finally, our all volunteer Board of Directors reviews all requests and allocates available funds as best it can for the best services possible for the citizens of Nelson County.  No personal bias comes into play.  We are a diverse board with many interests, primarilty how we can best manage the funds entrusted to us by our donors.  Thanks to everyone for their support.